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Number: INTSC237

Composed by: Jerry Goldsmith, Lionel Newman

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Shock Treatment Main Title 01
Aftershock 07
End Title 16
Fate Is The Hunter Main Title 21
The Room 22
Forest Scene 25
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World premiere of two full Jerry Goldsmith soundtracks in stereo! New elements & technology allow presentation of 20th Century Fox's SHOCK TREATMENT & FATE IS THE HUNTER to play both expanded and with audio previously not possible. First score accompanies Aaron Rosenberg production starring Stuart Whitman, Roddy McDowall, Lauren Bacall. Shocker from 1964 finds Goldsmith writing eerie, suspenseful music for strings, harp, twin pianos, percussion, experimental electronics, more! Intense ideas showcase composer's gift for unique orchestrational effects. "Shock Treatment Main Title" is one such chilling piece. Dynamic "Nelson's Escape" sets exciting trend for still-to-come PLANET OF THE APES. Sensational, scary music! Second up is soundtrack for Aaron Rosenberg's production of FATE IS THE HUNTER, starring Glenn Ford, Rod Taylor, Nancy Kwan, Suzanne Pleshette. Here, Goldsmith anchors with gorgeous major-key solo trumpet theme, joined soon by orchestra with chorus. Rich melody one of composer's absolute finest! Cues that follow provide haunting variants of melody, now for gentle unison violins with vibraphone, now for woodwind solo with bell tree. One of Goldsmith's gentlest cues, "Moon Fish", looks forward to classic A PATCH OF BLUE with haunting harp/vibraphone arpeggios balanced by transparent strings. Keen ears will even note melodic slant of later THE BLUE MAX during opening of gorgeous "Forest Scene". When finished, composer ushers return of trumpet theme to bring score to sublime finish. All beautiful, all in stereo! Jerry Goldsmith, Lionel Newman co-conduct. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain! - INTRADA

Shock Treatment The Album
01. Shock Treatment Main Title 2:32
02. Home Work 0:59
03. Broken Glass 0:40
04. The New Patients 1:28
05. Night Scene 3:46
06. No More Shock 1:02
07. Aftershock 1:46
08. Edwina Wants The Money 1:11
09. Martin Comes To 1:11
10. Nelson's Seduction 2:03
11. Shot In The Neck (Mono) 2:03
12. Another Treatment 2:25
13. Ashley's Plight 2:05
14. Nelson's Escape 3:00
15. Hot Money 5:11
16. End Title 0:51

Shock Treatment The Extras
17. Main Title Effects 2:27
18. Shock Treatment Main Title (Mono) 2:31
19. The New Patients (Mono) 1:29
20. No More Schock (Mono) 1:02<

Fate Is The Hunter The Album
21. Fate Is The Hunter Main Title 1:25
22. The Room 2:06
23. The Room Revisited 0:32
24. Moon Fish 1:25
25. Forest Scene 2:19
26. Night Scene 0:55
27. Fate Is The Hunter End Title 1:15
Fate Is The Hunter The Extras
28. Bar Room (Source) 2:24
29. Jerry Wright Vocal 1:07
30. Fate Is The Hunter End Title Chorus 1:08

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