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Number: QRSCE060

Composed by: Cliff Eidelman

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Main Title / Madison Avenue 02
The Breakthrough 03
Cars 15
Emory Leaves 18
Kathy Is Saved 20
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Quartet Records, in collaboration with Paramount Pictures, is glad to present the world premiere release of Cliff Eidelman’s delicious original score for the Tony Bill comedy released in 1990, starring Dudley Moore and Daryl Hannah.

Emory Leeson (Moore) is an advertising executive who experiences a nervous breakdown. He designs a series of “truthful” advertisements, blunt and bawdy and of no use to his boss’ firm. One of his colleagues checks him into a psychiatric hospital. Emory goes into group therapy where he meets other patients, such as the lovely and vulnerable Kathy Burgess (Hannah).

By mistake, Emory’s advertisements get printed and turn out to be a tremendous success. They include campaigns like: “Jaguar—for men who’d like hand-jobs from beautiful women they hardly know,” and “Volvo—they’re boxy but they’re good.” Emory is approached in the sanitarium about creating new ads. He insists that his fellow mental patients also be involved and suitably rewarded for their work, transforming the sanitarium into a branch of the advertising industry.

This was one of the first movies scored by the great Cliff Eidelman (Triumph of the Spirit, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Magdalene, Christopher Columbus: The Discovery), who provided a highly addictive score for full orchestra: descriptive, romantic, funny… with winks to George Gershwin. Twenty-three years after its recording, it deserves to be released!

The album contains the complete original score plus several alternate bonus tracks—all sourced from the original session DATs stored in the Paramount vaults. The package includes a 20-page full color booklet beautifully illustrated with film stills and several “crazy advertisements” from the movie. Daniel Schweiger provides his usual thorough liner notes—including an interview with the composer. So be warned: Crazy People are coming!


01. Crazy People Logo (0:20)
02. Main Title / Madison Avenue (2:51)
03. The Breakthrough (2:11)
04. Off to Bennington Hospital /Kathy Brings New Hope (0:57)
05. Honest Ads / Emory and Kathy Talk (7:07)
06. You’re Fired (1:21)
07. Dance of the Crazies (0:55)
08. Separation (1:04)
09. We Can Do Ads (0:43)
10. Kathy Talks About Adam (2:59)
11. Success (0:55)
12. Hold Me (0:39)
13. We’re Nobodies in the Big Parade (0:42)
14. A Surprise (0:29)
15. Cars (5:01)
16. What Happened? / Up to Tyrant (1:02)
17. Feeling Lost (1:21)
18. Emory Leaves (2:40)
19. Emory Uncovers the Truth (1:58)
20. Kathy Is Saved (6:00)
21. Sony, Our Eyes Are Closer (0:33)
22. The Hello Song* (0:57)
23. End Title (2:44)


24. The Breakthrough (Alternate) (1:42)
25. Kathy Brings New Hope (Alternate) (0:49)
26. Honest Ads / Emory and Kathy Talk (Alternate) (7:22)
27 You’re Fired (Alternate) (1:21)
28. Kathy Talks About Adam (Alternate) (3:31)
29. We’re Nobodies in the Big Parade (Alternate) (0:45)
30. Solo Upright Piano 1 (0:59)
31. Solo Upright Piano 2 (1:22)
32. Solo Upright Piano 3 (0:08)

*Composed by Cal DeVoll

Total Disc Time: 65:04

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