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Number: INTISC251

Composed by: David Newman, Robert Folk

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Going Home 01
Lily’s Sadness 03
Fishing 07
Geek Groove 17
Broken Moon 20
The Target 22
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World premiere release of two film scores by two talented veteran composers of the medium! PARADISE is 1991 Mary Agnes Donoghue drama set in small country town, starring Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson, Elijah Wood, Thora Birch. Idyllic summer ambience warmly captured by David Newman with gentle melodic ideas, rich harmonies, strong orchestral colors. Newman excels at capturing Americana feel in music, maintains dramatic flow throughout. As children play central role in movie, Newman keeps their innocence in forefront of score with meld of transparent writing, sensitive material. This merging of haunting melody on one side with dramatic ideas on other side makes for rewarding listen! CAN'T BUY ME LOVE is 1987 Steve Rash high school-set tale with Patrick Dempsey, Amanda Peterson, Seth Green. Robert Folk writes to central teen romance of story with light, highly melodic approach. While moments of drama appear, Folk keeps focus on lightweight melody, breezy pace. Both scores mastered from two-track stereo session DATs, presented courtesy of Disney. David Newman, Robert Folk conduct. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain! - INTRADA

01. Going Home 0:40 02. The Bus Trip (Main Title) 4:14 03. Lily’s Sadness 3:45 04. Billie And Willard 0:53 05. The Graveyard 2:06 06. Willard Helps Lily 0:39 07. Fishing 2:27 08. Lily And Willard 1:16 09. Quiet Fishing 1:18 10. You’re My Best Friend 0:41 11. Best Friends 0:36 12. Looking For Willard 5:11 13. Willard Is Found 2:01 14. Goodbye 2:15 15. Billie And Lily / End Credits 3:57

Total Time: 32:29

16. Rent Me 1:38 17. Geek Groove 2:31 18. Thinking Of You 0:53 19. Anything You Want 2:43 20. Broken Moon 3:31 21. You, Me! 2:52 22. The Target 2:10 23. For You 1:06 24. Don’t Forget 1:24 25. Siberia 1:51 26. Dark Vid Game Fight 1:01 27. Have To Talk 0:44 28. The Real Me 1:30 29. Rent Me (Finale) 3:04

Total Time: 27:29

Total Disc Time: 60:08

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